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There are a few groups that were formed during work days that are still functioning.  Check them out if you would like to. 

  1. Fourth Tuesday of the month breakfast group - Started by Bob Dunn
  2. The Monday mixed golf league at Westwood Heights
  3. The Wednesday men's traveling golf group - Steve Miller
  4. The Monday/Wednesday men's traveling golf group playing two days - Larry Allison
  5. There are many small lunch groups meeting at different locations
  6. Omaha Works Retiree Group - Meets at Union Hall - Check website
  7. The Heartland Pioneers are still doing projects, help is always needed - Check website
  8. Websites by former employees where you can find information
    www.weoma.com - Obituaries and general information
    www.heartlandpioneers.com - Pioneer information and projects to volunteer on
    www.omahaworks.net - Saving Works history for all to browse
    www.owrg.org - Omaha Works Retiree Group keeping you up todate

I need to tell you in advance that now and then I am a couple of days late with this Breakfast Notice. The retired men and women of the Omaha Works gather once a month on the 4th Tuesday of each month to have breakfast at Jimbo's Diner...

The tradition carries on and on the 4th Tuesday of February the 26th (next week) a group of former Omaha Works men and women will meet for breakfast to carry on the tradition that started in the early 80’s by Bob Dunn. The time is still 8:00 am and the current location is still Jimbo’s Diner in the shopping center. You head east of 84th and Harrison and turn right at S 83th St. then stay to the left and proceed on S 83 St to the parking lot on the east side of Jimbo's Diner. The coffee is free and the breakfasts are priced right. 

Do you ever open this breakfast notice, read it and then file it in waste basket? This breakfast that was started many years ago is open to any former employee of the Omaha Works. So when you open this notice and read it look at your calendar and see what pressing engagement that is on your calendar for Tuesday morning at 8am the 26th next week. If your not doing anything add the breakfast to your to do items next week. The group always enjoys having former friends from work drop in. NO reservation is needed just be there if you might enjoy breakfast with some old friends from work. 

A note of interest for all of us seniors. 
Bill Kadereit, President of the National Retiree Legislative Network, sends notices to us asking to contact our representatives in Washington on many issues that affect us and our retirement.  So when you see that request it just takes a second to click on the link and let your representatives know how you feel about the issues.  After you write to your congress person you will receive a Thank You for taking the time to send an email to Washington.


The BreakAways Won't Publish A Schedule for 2019
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Steve Odell is making course arrangements if you wish to play,
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