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There are a few groups that were formed during work days that are still functioning.  Check them out if you would like to. 

  1. Fourth Tuesday of the month breakfast group - Started by Bob Dunn
  2. The Monday mixed golf league at Westwood Heights
  3. The Wednesday men's traveling golf group - Steve Miller
  4. The Monday/Wednesday men's traveling golf group playing two days - Larry Allison
  5. There are many small lunch groups meeting at different locations
  6. Omaha Works Retiree Group - Meets at Union Hall - Check website
  7. The Heartland Pioneers are still doing projects, help is always needed - Check website
  8. Websites by former employees where you can find information
    www.weoma.com - Obituaries and general information
    www.heartlandpioneers.com - Pioneer information and projects to volunteer on
    www.omahaworks.net - Saving Works history for all to browse
    www.owrg.org - Omaha Works Retiree Group keeping you up todate

Notice sent out by George each month

Here it is February already and 2 degree this morning, but has warmed up to 21 degrees this afternoon.  George got home from vacation only to lose his data on his hard drive.  He had to do a reinstall but lost everything.  He is recovering most from a backup and will be running again soon.  I forgot last week to send this notice out for George so don't forget the breakfast tomorrow morning at Jimbo's.
The breakfast meetings is at Jimbo's Diner tomorrow morning, Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at about 8:00 A.M.  George sends a big hello and will be back online with everything shortly. 

Jimbo's Diner is also known as La Vista Keno.  Last month, January 2014, about 15 to 20 men and women enjoyed breakfast and conversation with 'old' friends.  The hour is early, just after sun rise at about 7:45 a.m., but the food and camaraderie are great!   The breakfast special on Tuesdays is usually French toast and very popular.  Many other items are on the menu and very reasonable priced so come on out and say hello and stay awhile.

Jimbo’s Diner is located on 83rd Street about a block south of Harrison Street.  Turn south on 83rd Street from Harrison and follow 83rd, dog legging first left than right while driving to the south.  Continue south a few hundred feet and you should see the Jimbo's Diner to your right.  

After breakfast, Tom Baye leads the group in a short meeting where information of interest to retirees is discussed.

There have been NO changes to the email address: 

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Went Bad:  Larry Bowen has went bad and will be deleted unless we can contact him

The Spring Life Member Luncheon is scheduled this year for Thursday, April 23.   Watch for the notice and send in your reservation.  There are usually around 150 plus that come and have lunch and visit with old friends.  We send the flyer out about 4 to 6 weeks in advance so add the date to your calendar.  The flyer will be also posted at www.heartlandpioneers.com and www.omahaworks.net if you miss it.   

A note of interest for all of us seniors. 
Bill Kadereit, President of the National Retiree Legislative Network, sends notices to us asking to contact our representatives in Washington on many issues that affect us and our retirement.  So when you see that request it just takes a second to click on the link and let your representatives know how you feel about the issues.  After you write to your congress person you will receive a Thank You for taking the time to send an email to Washington.


Steve's email and phone is on the flyer is you wish to play.

Larry's email and phone is on the flyer if you wish to play.